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Legendary Mustang Sanctuary relies on donations to support the care of our rescued horses and burros. The Sanctuary obtains these wild animals, and we gentle them by healing the sick and abused, restoring their natural spirit, and winning their confidence and trust. Then we begin the training process.

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Mustang Madness is coming to the St Louis Area!

Mustang Sanctuary


Mustang Madness is coming to the St Louis Area!

The Legendary Mustang Sanctuary will bw hosting a TIP Challenge at the
National Equestrian Center in Lake St Louis Missouri.

This Tip Challenge is a cooperative effort between the

Legendary Mustang Sanctuary,
Buruea of Land Managment Wild Horse and Burro program,
and the Mustang Heritage Foundation.

Application deadline is May 14,2020.

The competition is open to youths ages 8 to 17, Adults from 18 to 54,
and we will be featuring a senior class for 55 and older.
You will be required to adopt the Mustang or Burro before pick up
If you are not able to keep the animal after the competition, you may re-assign to someone else.
You must have the requirements according to BLM guidelines for adopting a wid animal.
This competitions will be in hand.

Cash Prizes and Awards

For more information or an application,please cantact the
Legendary Mustang Sanctuary at 618-616-8875 or

National Equestrian Center in Lake St Louis Missouri