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Legendary Mustang Sanctuary relies on donations to support the care of our rescued horses and burros. The Sanctuary obtains these wild animals, and we gentle them by healing the sick and abused, restoring their natural spirit, and winning their confidence and trust. Then we begin the training process.

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Mustang Madness is coming National Equestrian Center in Lake St Louis Missouri


Mustang Madness is coming National Equestrian Center in Lake St Louis Missouri on September 4, 5, and 6

The Mustangs competing in the Mustang Madness on September 4 and 5 were wild Mustangs straight from the BLM facilities, approximately 50 days before competition. On September 5 & 6, there will be several Mustangs that had been previously adopted and the trainers/owners will show off their skills and talents with a once wild animal.

This event is open to the general public. Tickets can be purchased from our website at, facebook, or at the door.


Ticket prices

1 day adult=$20.00

Weekend adult=40

1 day kids (5-12)=$10

Weekend kids (5-12)=20

VIP tickets available which includes a beverage in the am, sandwich, chips and beverage, and an afternoon snack and beverage, and reserved seating.. (Note: all beverages for VIP will be non-alcoholic)

VIP 1 day=$75

VIP weekend=$100

Hours of the event will be

September 4 from noon to 5pm

September 5 from 10am to 5pm

September 6 from noon to 5pm

There will be stick horse races and other fun things for kids in the kids’ corner, along with getting their picture taken with a Mustang.

This TIP Challenge is a cooperative effort between the Legendary Mustang Sanctuary, the Mustang Heritage Foundation’s Trainer Incentive Program and the Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro Program.


National Equestrian Center in Lake St Louis Missouri